Packing Instructions

Preparing Your Shipments for Transport

Do not ship your goods without proper protection. Improper packaging can result in increased damages and claims, and may eliminate the carrier’s liability. Contact your packaging supplier or a packaging consultant for assistance.

Correct Stacking of Pallets

Stacking A Pallet:

  • To maximize carton strength, stack the pallet vertically
  • Secure cartons to the pallet with banding, shrink-wrap, stretch-wrap or breakaway adhesive
  • Place cartons squarely on the skid with no overhang
  • Be sure the top surface is flat
  • Add sheets of cardboard between layers for additional strength.
  • Limit the height of cartons to 48 inches.

Incorrect Stacking of Pallets

Pallet overhang can reduce compression strength.

Misalignment reduces compression strength.

Damage can occur when a pallet doesn’t have a flat-top surface. Place single containers on an outside corner or ship them loose.